How To Treat And Sleep Better With A Stuffy Nose

Nasal congestion, also known as “a stuffy nose,” isn’t always caused by infection. Though upper respiratory tract infections are a common cause, weather changes, allergies, and hormonal changes can also lead to congestion. Nasal congestion is usually due to inflammation as the body responds to a certain trigger, like viruses or allergens, says  Brian Antono, MD, MPH,…Read More


How To Best Manage Diabetes And Lower Blood Sugar With Exercise

Exercise and physical activity are extremely beneficial for overall health. And if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, or maybe at risk, the benefits are quite useful. “Regular exercise is especially important for those living with diabetes,” says Alex Li, MD, deputy chief medical officer for L.A. Care Health Plan. But exercise can also present some complications for people…Read More