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The primary aim of Herbal Healing Magazine is to provide useful and accurate information on

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Herbal Healing Magazine features articles healing your body and mind through eastern healing methods like Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, accupressure, acupuncture, herbs, natural cures etc.

The articles published on the site are written by the experts on these subjects. While the publisher and the authors of these articles have tried to provide as much authentic content as possible. However, the publisher and the authors do not guarantee that everyone will benefit by following the healing methods mentioned on this site. While some methods are highly beneficial from some people, the same methods might be useless for others. Therefore, the readers of these articles should always consult a professional health care providers if they intend to follow the healing methods mentioned on the site.

Herbal Healing Magazine provides free information, the publisher does not charge any fees. In order to continue providing free information we also need resources to pay for servers. Thus, the website also features advertorials from various ad networks. These ads are just the revenue source for the site. Users of this site should not understand these ads as an endorsement from Herbal Healing Magazine. Therefore, we are not liable when you buy the services and products advertised by the ads.