How A Person Become A Billionaire While Other Lives In Poverty, According To Buddhism

How A Person Become A Billionaire While Other Lives In Poverty, According To Buddhism

Buddha, in fact, encourages his followers to enjoy the gift of health, pleasure, and well-being, including the blessings of monetary riches, emotional richness, and spiritual wealth.
When we look at the billionaires who have luxury villas, vehicles, smartphones, and numerous other assets or those rich friends who are affluent with a beautiful wife, smart children, and a lifestyle that is like flying a kite in the wind. However, what is most essential is whether or not the vast amount of wealth can endure eternally? Or has the faith of being rich been predestined?

Which career can enrich your life?

According to Buddhism, there’re 4 careers which humankind should never pursue though they may gain our material wealth in the short term.

  • Trade weapons: causing violence
  • Trade human: causing hatred and breakup
  • Trade intoxicants: harm for beings
  • Trade poison: causing the passive killing

The life of a famous billionaire who built up his wealth from cocaine and heroin and died in blood and shame, Pablo Escobar, is clear evidence that if our career does harm to people, there’s always a price to pay.

On the contrary, a job that generates helpful value for the community by today and the future can guarantee a wealthy life for you not only in this life but also for your next lives and generation. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is well-known for both his success and philanthropy. There’s no doubt that his children now are taking after him.

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What should we do to build up eternal wealth?

Being honest and building trust

Previously, thanks to the concept of “credibility” and to the principles of corporate ethics, a large number of individuals succeeded, allowing them to experience a better standard of living and to make a significant contribution to fostering societal progress.

Many people have a lot of money because of unlawful activities, such as fraud, which also inhibits progress in other parts of society including moral corruption.
To be really honest, the credibility has never lasted in the long run. Doing something wrong causes something awful to happen. Therefore, after they’ve chosen a job, Buddhists must continually be mindful of the vow to get wealth by virtuous means in order to accrue good karma; whatever acquired must be free of any uncleanliness or untruth.

The only way we and our loved ones can experience peace is by having it in this way.

wealth and buddhism

Doing the right things in the right way

Money is called “green energy” in Buddhism, which you get in return for your own energy (in the form of concerted physical and mental effort). Alternatively, we just harness our own innate energy and apply it in such a way that it can be beneficial to others.

Then, we get compensation for our efforts in the form of money (or anything else that we deem of value). The business element of life is made up of trades of energy and efforts. This means that, according to Buddhism, people should put their efforts into making as much value as possible to expand their wealth.

The earlier you start, the sooner you get your result

Studying Buddhism will teach you that the sole goal of human existence is to find lasting joy. We spend the rest of our lives chasing happiness, yet it still seems to escape us. It is critical that we correctly distinguish our requirements and wants in order to attain a sense of happiness in life. In order to do this, we need to begin working on making sure our requirements are met as soon as feasible. We’re better off starting our financial happiness path sooner rather than later.

Let’s use the example of Insurance Plans to demonstrate. Investing in health insurance while you are in your late 20s or early 30s can provide both higher returns and more financial security through difficult times, both for you and your loved ones. Moreover the other hand, the less time you have to begin planning for your finances and your future, the less of a chance you have to profit from these investment and insurance programs.

Besides, if you try to learn about financial investment and management from an early stage instead of wasting your time and money on useless stuff, you’ll have your own fund. As you become older, when your health decreases through time, you have a stable shield for yourself.

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Earning for today, saving for tomorrow

Another important financial management lesson from Buddhism teaches that you should make provisions to take care of your future needs while also conserving your resources. However, in contrast, Vedic knowledge has a strong position against poverty and recommends many measures to overcome it.

To stay true to his future objectives, this person will not settle for anything less than what he or she desires. Instead, they focus on amassing and conserving their money in order to have enough financial security to meet their current obligations while ensuring they have an adequate reserve to deal with their future need.

You need to maintain a positive mindset and attempt to stay within your means in order to achieve that. Doing so will enable you to picture your future and focus on the tasks at hand so that you may use your imagination to conceive of new possibilities, which you can then put into action. The technique of financial planning follows this simple procedure.


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