Top Foods To Improve ‘Bed Exercises’ For Couples

Top Foods To Improve ‘Bed Exercises’ For Couples

Top foods that look like body parts are frequently believed to enhance sexual desire. In order to find out more about meals and fruit that can boost sexual feelings, Sexologist Dr. Vijay Singhal of Delhi-based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute shares some findings.
According to sexologist, Dr. Vijay Singhal, meals for sex have the power to increase desire. In general, any nutritious meal is a wonderful way to enhance sexual health. However, certain foods are particularly healthy; for example, almonds, watermelons, avocados, strawberries, and walnuts. It’s important to remember that alcohol may be harmful to a healthy sex life – it might make you want sex more, but reduce your ability to perform.

Top Foods For Your Erotic Night


Walnuts enhance sperm quality. It is well shown to have the ability to increase the general form, mobility, and vigor of the sperm. Eat walnuts to boost fertility.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can elevate your mood by releasing both serotonin and endorphins. You will not feel irritable as a result of this, but it does not enhance libido.


Eggs are great for erection health since they are packed with protein. L-arginine, an amino acid found in eggs, may help men with erectile dysfunction.

Strawberries and raspberries

A great deal of zinc is included in the seeds of these fruits, and this is required for healthy sex in both men and women. Women have higher amounts of zinc, and their bodies have more zinc in them, making it simpler for them to be ready for sex. Zinc regulates the amount of testosterone in men, which is required for the production of sperm. A man’s zinc levels decrease during sexual intercourse, therefore it is vital that he gets plenty of zinc.


When drunk, wine has an intoxicating effect and becomes even more sensual and alluring. While drinking alcohol makes individuals feel more comfortable, it also lowers inhibitions. Port wine is the most effective aphrodisiac for people who hail from Portugal.

In addition to males, wine is also recognized to boost female libido. In one source, Dr. Sheth states, “Perhaps it’s called an aphrodisiac because it lowers resistance from a woman’s side, making her more vulnerable to her sexual impulses.” Keep in mind, though, that alcohol has a sedative effect and can only make you drowsy.

top foods for health


A robust sex drive is dependent on folic acid and vitamin B6. Folic acid brings extra energy to the body, while vitamin B6 is needed to maintain hormones in balance.


A glass of watermelon juice may help with your erection and sex drive. Citrulline included in Garcinia Cambogia extract has the additional effect of releasing the amino acids and arginine in the body. Arginine is crucial for the health of the vascular system.


Nuts are an excellent source of arginine, which increases circulation and promotes blood vessel relaxation. Almonds contain this amino acid, which supports erectile function.


It is also owing to the numerous benefits of phallus-shape. Bananas are also a good source of vitamin A, B, and C, as well as potassium. Studies have shown that Vitamin B and potassium, which are known to enhance sex hormone production in the body, also raise levels of sex hormones. Bromelain also raises testosterone levels, which is great news for banana eaters. Bananas’ high sugar content provides lasting energy and helps with endurance.


Vitamin C in peaches is essential in helping to increase the number of sperm in the semen and in ensuring that the sperm are of the highest quality. Peaches include a high concentration of vitamin C, which is beneficial for helping women who are trying to conceive.


The naturally occurring aphrodisiac, saffron, is recommended for increasing your libido and bedroom performance. It is believed that saffron can also increase stamina and vitality.


Coffee boosts your sex desire since it is a stimulant. Coffee is a mild stimulant that can help boost mental arousal.


Zinc, vitamin B, iron, and protein are all found in steak, so it’s a wonderful addition to help enhance your sex drive. Both men and women need these chemicals to help boost their libido.

Top Habits For Better Sex Life

No work’s allowed on the bed

It happens to all of us. While catching up on e-mails or looking through Instagram on our phones, we stay in bed with the laptop. While it may not seem like it at the time, your work brain will become tough to switch off later on. Pretty soon, you find yourself fixated on your to-do list, which was the last thing on your mind in the first place.

Getting out of this attitude is as simple as removing electronics from your bedroom – do not react to Instagram DMs or write on social media before bed. Designate a certain section of your home for work-related activities, and use the rest of the house for sleeping and other bed-related activities. For the sake of this, you don’t even need an office! Nooks can assist keep the working brain out of the bed when you just work from your sofa or in the corner of your modest studio.

Increase your sleep’s quality

More or less, sleep is the panacea for everything from acne to stress to back pain to wonderful sex. A variety of research shows that having more sex improves sleep, but studies also show that good sleep may improve sex. It is well-known that insufficient sleep causes your levels of cortisol to rise while reducing levels of testosterone and estrogen. This may exacerbate stress, which we know causes a drop in sex drive.

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There is no denying that exercising regularly is healthy for you. By now, everybody knows that. Even yet, numerous kinds of exercise are fantastic for a person’s sex life. Phew, now we’ve got another excuse to go to the gym!
Exercise is an excellent method to relieve stress. It helps you deal with your current stress as well as cuts down on the likelihood of you accumulating the same tension and anxiety you felt previously. Stress is often the largest barrier to having better sex, therefore eliminating it should be one of your top priorities.

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